We first pressed vinyl for Turning Point‘s “1988-1991″ discography back in 2005 as a 2xLP. I was insanely proud of having a hand in this release and still remember how pumped I was 10 years ago when Darren from Jade Tree gave us the green light.

We repressed it a couple years later and once again it sold out pretty quickly. We’ve been talking about getting it back in press for a number of years, but wanted to make sure that it was done more justice the next time around. Looking back, several things bothered me about the artwork with the original presses – the cover came out really dark, the jacket was too flimsy and the layout was basically a carbon copy of the CD version – not awful, just not really taking advantage of the huge canvas that we were working with. We’ve switched pressing plants since the original two presses and needless to say we’ve made sure to step things up a notch for the upcoming pressing.

Where to start? We’re including a bunch of the WNYU songs that have never been formally released. I believe only 1 or 2 songs were unsalvageable. How can we cram all of these songs (47!) on 2 LPs? We couldn’t, so we decided to throw the demo songs on a 7” – so the entire package is THREE records total – 2 LPs + a 7″… and a download card this time, too.

As far as the packaging, it’s a standard (sturdy!) gatefold with two side-loading pockets for the records. We completely redesigned the layout, and it now includes tons and tons of rare photos and flyers. Nick (bassist) literally sent me his photo album and his collection of flyers from the late 80’s/early 90’s and I spent more time in front of a scanner than any human should ever be subjected to… followed by editing out tens of thousands of dust specs in Photoshop. But the results are going to be outstanding and we can’t wait for everyone to get their hands on this thing.

We’re already at the plant, but since every label on the planet is pressing vinyl again, things don’t exactly move quickly. We’re looking at a late 2015 release – November 27th to be exact. We’re going to pump as many copies into local record stores as possible for Black Friday, and then maybe have a separate color for mailorder folks who don’t live near record stores to be released late 2015 or early 2016. While Black Friday is insanely tacky, we like the idea of this album being in as many physical stores as possible and Black Friday (along with regular Record Store Day in April) is when stores are the most receptive to taking in our records due to the mobs of people who get off their lazy asses to buy vinyl in a brick and mortar store!

We’ll post a list of stores who will be carrying it later in the year, along with some previews of the artwork, etc. Stay tuned to our Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.
– Ryan