Vinyl pre-orders for The Geeks upcoming album ‘Still Not In This Alone‘ are now live! Click here to pre-order.

Two different colored vinyl variations are available including red/orange splatter (limited to 200) and split red/white (limited to 300). The entire first press is limited to only 500 copies. All LPs come with a digital download coupon. While pre-orders are going on, we have also taken 20% off all Geeks merch in our store.

‘Still Not In This Alone’ has a release date of July 15th, but pre-orders will very likely be shipping early.

1. Statement
2. Losing End
3. Defining Moments (These 6 Strings Through Our Lives)
4. I Still Believe
5. Staring Into The Sun
6. 17th May
7. Search For Your Verse
8. This Is It
9. Our Generation
10. Worth Dying For
11. Suffering, Changing, and Growing
12. A Light In The Dark

Check out the track “Staring Into The Sun” below: