Vinyl Pressing Info

10 test presses
150 black w/ yellow splatter
350 yellow w/ white splatter

Decompositions Vol. II neatly packages half of Hour Of The Wolf’s recorded material to date and marks the first time many of these tracks have ever been released on vinyl – including 2007’s Waste Makes Waste EP, various unreleased covers, and the out-of-print split with Lewd Acts. A must for any vinyl nerd or Hour Of The Wolf collector, Decompositions Vol. II comes with a digital download coupon and a bonus disc of the band’s 2009 Obsolete CDep on Hellfish (vinyl version only).

Release Date: 9/24/2012

1. Taking Out The Trash
2. Black Blood
3. Set The Trash On Fire
4. Animals Hot In Heat
5. Blue Recluse
6. Feeling Cheated
7. Heavy Living
8. Overload
9. War Machine
10. Nothing Hits As Hard As The Abyss
11. I Need To Know
12. William Wayne
13. That’s How I Escaped My Certain Fate
14. Chainsaw Love + Hidden Track
15. Faith In Fiction (Bonus Disc w/ vinyl version only)
16. Age Of Nothing (Bonus Disc w/ vinyl version only)
17. Heart Failure (Bonus Disc w/ vinyl version only)
18. Obsolete (Bonus Disc w/ vinyl version only)
19. Bloodstains (Bonus Disc w/ vinyl version only)
20. Cowards And Critics (Bonus Disc w/ vinyl version only)