Vinyl Pressing Info

10 test presses
100 white w/ red swirl
150 pink
250 orange

Having previously released an array of noteworthy material, including two albums under the belt of Bridge 9, No Turning Back is no stranger to the american hardcore/punk scene. With the release of “Take Control” on limited LP and digital formats from Think Fast, look for the non-stop work ethic to continue to be a driving force behind No Turning Back. The band has already logged countless miles of tour history, including support for modern contemporaries and legends alike – Sick Of It All, Hatebreed, Ignite, Gorilla Biscuits, Terror, and Bad Brains to name a few. Vocalist and founding member Martijn notes, “the record is really about us taking control not only as a band but also as individuals. This last year we had band members starting a van rental company for bands, a booking agency and even a workshop for custom built drum kits. The music and the lifestyle have become absorbed in our day to day lives. We feel Take Control is us documenting growing up and becoming adults while still remaining true to the ideals we had as 15 year old kids playing rudimentary music in our parents’ garage.” For fans of Terror, Trapped Under Ice, and Madball.

Release Date: 4/19/2011