Vinyl Pressing Info

10 test presses
150 black/red split
350 white/red split

Members of This Is Hell and The Backup Plan have come together to form a new project called Ice Age. The debut album Dead Kings includes a varied approach of metallic hardcore, comparable to everyone from Sick Of It All to genre-crossing hybrids like Unbroken – equal parts metallic, equal parts melodic. Vinyl version includes download coupon.

Release Date: 8/24/2010

01. Dead Kings
02. Diseases Of The Blood
03. We Are Forsaken
04. Confidence Men
05. My Own Luca Brasi
06. Somnambulist
07. Law Of Diminishing Returns
08. The Gemini Lounge
09. Honor Among Thieves
10. Bird Of Prey
11. Martyrs
12. Our Pathogen
13. Retire