Vinyl Pressing Info

10 test presses
300 clear/blue split (includes 45 w/ record release covers)
300 pink w/ white splatter (Hot Topic only)
700 black

Hardcore touring machine This Is Hell is a band that has wasted no time. Upon the release of their first demo, the guys were racking countless miles across the world, booking their own tours, and playing to anyone with open ears. It’s this kind of dedication and enthusiasm that launched This Is Hell onto massive tours, including taking part in Sounds Of The Underground (supporting Gwar and Darkest Hour), touring Europe, and several other high profile tours with everyone from Strike Anywhere to Glassjaw.

In 2009 with the new release of Warbirds, This Is Hell shows no signs of slowing down. The energy of their previous releases is picked up a notch with a new found metallic element that’s complimented by production duties handled by legendary hardcore/punk producer Jim Siegel. Warbirds contains three brand new tracks as well as two covers to round out the release.

Release Date: 8/18/2009