Vinyl Pressing Info

5 test presses
200 orange/white
300 black

Imagine if Kevin Baker of Hope Conspiracy fronted “Look My Way”-era Madball, with just a bit more unhinged madness, and you have a decent starting point for what Blackened sounds like.
– Hard Times

Founding member and bassist Chris Beattie, and original Hatebreed drummer Dave Russo, who performed on the band’s demos and legendary “Under The Knife” EP, serve as the rumbling, primitive underbelly for the high-pitched screams of current The Distance frontman and longtime ambassador of Connecticut hardcore, Jay Reason, and seasoned guitarist Chris Legg of Fastbreak, one of the earliest of the 90’s east coast bands to revive the 80’s youth crew and post-hardcore styles that would come to flood the hardcore scene a mere few years later. Produced by Zeuss (Killswitch Engage, Shadows Fall) “This Means Wars” is as heavy as one would expect, offering the most crushing debut release by a hardcore band in recent memory.

The songs are delivered with perfect precision and brimming intensity, no doubt because of all the experience driving the band. Blackened’s debut is a welcome one.

Release Date: 1/20/2009

1. Tirade
2. Let Them Drink Venom
3. This Burden Off My Back
4. Unfinished Business (Live My Life)
5. The Great Sorrow
6. If I Could Say It All Over Again
7. Unscathed
8. Kill The Weak
9. Enough Already