Vinyl Pressing Info

Pressed by Mightier Than Sword Records

Snotty, fast, fun punk rock coming from Worcester, MA. The music can be compared to NOFX or The Descendents with a sprinkling of Screeching Weasel.
– Punk Globe

Every now and then an album arrives that pushes every single right button – Smartbomb’s debut album “Diamond Heist” is that album …on par with seminal records like Strike Anywhere’s “Change Is A Sound”, A Wilhelm Scream’s “Career Suicide”, Pennywise’s “About Time” or Lifetime’s “Hello Bastards”.
– Rock Freaks

Release Date: 9/16/2008

1. Barely Legal
2. Who’s The Terrorist Now?
3. Lesson Learned
4. The City Of Worcester
5. Crucial Times
6. Second View
7. Avoid The Lloyd
8. PCH (Intermission)
9. In My Dreams
10. Blood And Sand
11. My Wicked Mind
12. Undercurrents