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one of the most promising hardcore acts from New Jersey in recent memory.

Between The Wars were a short-lived New Jersey band who featured Ensign frontman Tim Shaw, as well as former Thursday guitarist Bill Henderson. They were known to blend influences from past and present hardcore and punk acts including the post-hardcore grooves of Quicksand and the metallic crunch of bands like 108. Pastepunk called them “a throttling exhibition in powerful metallic hardcore with thunderous guitars and Shaw’s instantly gripping bellicose yell.” Despite two releases to great press, the band rarely played shows, cementing them as one of New Jersey’s best kept secrets.

Release Date: 8/7/2007

1. Keep Laughing
2. Sore Throat
3. Uno Mas
4. Death
5. …And The Sea
6. For Nothing
7. No Obligation
8. Beneath The Dead Sky
9. The Last Drop
10. The Meek Shall Inherit Nothing
11. Clenched Fist
12. Cold War
13. Crashing Down
14. Santosha
15. Less We Believe