Vinyl Pressing Info

500 grey w/ yellow swirl
1,000 black

If ever the term “super group” should be applied to a punk rock band, Only Crime fits the bill, boasting members Russ Rankin (Good Riddance), Aaron Dalbec (Bane, Converge), Zach Blair (Gwar, Hagfish, and later, Rise Against), Doni Blair (Hagfish, and later, The Toadies) and Bill Stevenson (Descendents, Black Flag). The group of punk rock veterans teams up with the young up and comers in Outbreak – each band showcasing 2 new songs.

Release Date: 6/26/2007

1. Brand New Scene (Only Crime)
2. Revisionistic (Only Crime)
3. Single File (Outbreak)
4. Deaf And Blind (Outbreak)