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Pressed by Basement Records

The Bronx’s frontman Matt Caughthran has been called forward to carry out vocal duties and his bile-spitting howls provide the vicious edge to a sound that leans further towards Black Flag’s breakneck hardcore then the Bronx’s rock n’ roll swagger. Highlights like Pointless Conversation and Grindstone are masterful slabs of no frills punk at its most exhilarating.

Bullet Treatment may very well be one of hardcore punk’s most unconventional acts. For those not cued in, the band purposely features a revolving door of members on every release, and they literally wouldn’t want it any other way. Brainchild behind the LA-based project, Chuck Dietrich, has had a wide cast of members over the years, including (relatively) consistent members Matt Caughthran from The Bronx on vocals and Dave Hildago from Social Distortion on drums, all of whom round out the lineup for the stellar debut full length “The Mistake”.

Release Date: 10/31/2006