Vinyl Pressing Info

220 green w/ purple splatter
270 black

All in all, this is a ripper and an ultimately rewarding, though sadly short, blast of hardcore done right. Raw, powerful and full of conviction.

With a traditional brand of stripped down, fast paced hardcore/punk, Maine’s own Wake Up Call had a style they could comfortably call their own, primarily thanks to charismatic frontman, Aaron Billon. Billon’s vocals gave the songs a refreshingly new dimension, offering a old school hardcore feel comparable to the likes of Warzone or Underdog. With intelligent lyrics to match, “One Eye Open” remains a flawless debut from one of Maine’s most respected hardcore bands.

Release Date: 2/28/2006

1. Friends/Foes
2. Losing It
3. One Eye Open
4. Under Their Control
5. Outro (Wake Up)
6. Avoiding The Storm
7. Intro/About To Be Bought (Demo, CD version only)
8. Know Your Limits (Demo, CD version only)
9. Who The Fuck (Demo, CD version only)
10. Big Shots (Demo, CD version only)
11. It Ain’t Worth It (Demo, CD version only)