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an incredibly powerful stroke of passionate delivery and execution.

Throughout the early and mid 2000’s, one of Connecticut’s best up and coming hardcore bands was known as The Distance. Fronted by former Voice of Reason vocalist and label manager at Stillborn Records, Jay Reason, The Distance self-released a demo (which was later released on vinyl by Takeover Records), put out their debut EP on Bridge 9 titled “Your Closest Enemies”, a 3-way-split 7″ with Outbreak and Some Kind of Hate, and a split with With Honor (Martyr Records) – all before releasing a proper full length. In 2005, The Distance teamed up with Think Fast and compiled various odds and ends, titled “If You Lived Here, You’d Be Home Already”. The effort featured two brand new tracks which heavily leaned in a more melodic direction than the fast and angry music that The Distance was well known for. The disc received a noteworthy amount of great press, including write ups from PunkNews, Centerfuse, and PastePunk.

Release Date: 8/26/2005

1. Drowning In Details
2. Phase Two Is About To Be Implemented
3. Anything, Anything
4. Stolen Hearts Die
5. The Road Ends Here
6. Filler
7. Holding The Match (Demo)
8. It’s A Love Hate Thing (Demo)
9. Die Tradition Die (Demo)
10. Useless Song (Demo)
11. Those Black And Blues Look So Good On You (Live at CBGBs)
12. And I Begin The Longest Year Ever (Live at CBGBs)
13. And If (The Lucky Ones) (Live at CBGBs)