Vinyl Pressing Info

13 rejected test presses (vers. 1)
8 rejected test presses (vers. 2)
4 approved test presses
100 red w/ white swirl
250 gold
350 clear

In the early 2000’s, Worcester, Massachusetts’ Youth Attack became a fixture of the New England hardcore scene. Barely into their teens, the band released their debut 7″ on Cadmium Sick Records, followed by 2003’s Break The Ice EP on Think Fast. The band quickly gained traction, creating memorable live shows lead by the antics of frontman, Jeff Hunter. In 2005, a slightly more mature version of Youth Attack emerged with their debut (and final) album, “Don’t Look Back”. The band broke up in 2006 following a packed show at the QVCC in their home town of Worcester.

Release Date: 8/5/2005

1. Taking The Blame
2. True
3. In The Dark
4. Don’t Look Back
5. Trying To Find A Way
6. Still Here
7. World Of Shit
8. Worthless
9. Never Forget
10. Mad House
11. Crutch
12. Changes
13. The Crowd (CD version only)