Vinyl Pressing Info

1st Press:
14 rejected test presses
14 approved test presses
200 clear
300 white
525 black

2nd Press:
5 test presses
500 orange

3rd Press:
see TFR059

Turning Point were not afraid to break barriers and the diversity of their discography proves it. Ranging from the raw original demo in 1988 that still influences modern hardcore bands today, to the later-era that put the band at the forefront of the post-hardcore movement, Turning Point will always be remembered as sounding ahead of their time.

1988-1991 is a celebration of Turning Point, as well as vocalist Frank “Skip” Candelori, who passed away in June of 2002.

For the most up to date version of this release, which includes additional tracks and different packaging, see TFR059.

Release Date: 8/26/2005

1. Before The Dawn
2. Running In Place
3. Guidance
4. Face Up
5. Turn It Around
6. Shadow Of Lies
7. Life Goes On
8. Prophecy
9. Descent
10. Growing Stronger
11. Get It Back
12. Feeding The Fire
13. To Lose
14. The Few And The Proud
15. Empty Promises
16. Never Again
17. Over the Line
18. Turning Point
19. To Lose (Demo)
20. Face Up (Demo)
21. Never Again (Demo)
22. Behind My Back (Demo)
23. Turning Point (Demo)
24. Curtain Falls (Demo)
25. Empty Promises (Demo)
26. Growing Stronger (Demo)
27. Behind This Wall
28. Thursday
29. Anxiety Asking 
30. Broken 
31. Insecurity
32. My Turn To Win
33. Down (Live on WNYU)
34. Hollow Inside (Live on WNYU)
35. Unexpressed (Live on WNYU)
36. Undertow (Live on WNYU)
37. Will To Speak (Live)
38. Watching It Fall (Live)