Vinyl Pressing Info

1st Press:
13 test presses
150 green
250 clear
300 black

2nd Press:
190 purple w/ white splatter
330 black

Originally released on Western Front Records in 2003, the debut release from Outbreak marks the beginning of the young Maine natives taking the hardcore scene by storm in the mid 2000’s. With chaotic songs that are over in a blink, this reissue adds a few Bad Brains covers for good measure.

Release Date: 8/5/2005

1. Waste Of Space
2. Your Time’s Up
3. Scum
4. Braindead
5. Strike Three (CD version only)
6. No One Cares
7. The Regulator (CD version only)
8. Supertouch (CD version only)
9. Sailin’ On (CD version only)