Vinyl Pressing Info

1st Press:
13 test presses
200 red/white mix (pink)
200 black (orange labels w/ navy print)
400 yellow

2nd Press:
200 green (orange labels w/ navy print)

3rd press: 

225 white
275 black (orange labels w/ black print, logo on cover is black, not navy)

4th Press:
125 red w/ Posi Numbers fest cover (supposed to be blue, but the plant sent red instead. blue copies arrived later)
125 blue

5th Press:
220 orange w/ blue splatter
330 black

With hardcore having somewhat of a revival, it’s almost hard to even keep track of all the bands forming and breaking up day by day. It’s even harder to keep track of bands individually with so many of them sounding identical. With that said, Have Heart are a breath of fresh air.

Late in 2003, Have Heart’s demo was circulating around the New England hardcore scene. The band had modest goals of playing with their friends bands and maybe going out on a tour or two. The band’s debut EP, “What Counts” would go onto become a break through record for both the band and for Think Fast – Have Heart quickly became one of the biggest hardcore bands in recent memory, even cracking the Billboard Top 200.

As quickly as the band exploded, they decided to call it a day – having accomplished a thousand times more than they ever set out to. In 2009 Have Heart played their final show to a sold out crowd in Boston.

Release Date: 10/15/2004