Vinyl Pressing Info

1st Press:
3 test presses
100 gold
200 red
300 black

2nd Press:
10 light grey swirl
90 dark grey swirl
100 black

Police Beat started in January of 2002 in New Bedford, Massachusetts with a goal in mind to play old school hardcore/punk in the vein of the bands that paved the way before them. They recorded a demo called “Snitches Get Stitches” on a four track and started playing shows around New England with the likes of Kill Your Idols, Tear It Up, Holding On, and Mental. Their original drummer Zack left the band in September 2002 and was replaced by Edson of the band XfilesX. Soon after they recorded 12 songs for their Think Fast debut entitled “Time For Coffee”, which also included the demo, and live songs as bonus tracks. The band was short lived and broke up soon after the release. Members went on to Think I Care and R’N’R.

Release Date: 8/6/2004

1. Remember When
2. Isolation
3. Not Over Yet
4. Mob Mentality
5. World’s Apart
6. Scene Points
7. My Motivation
8. Let Me Be
9. Endless Struggle
10. Lost
11. Offline
12. Egotist
13. Blind Faith (CD version only)
14. Control (CD version only)
15. Changing Times (CD version only)
16. Scapegoat (CD version only)
17. Gone (CD version only)
18. Power Trip (CD version only)
19. Outtro (CD version only)
20. Untitled (CD version only)
21. Judge Me (CD version only)
22. Crippled Children Suck (CD version only)
23. Just Another Fool (CD version only)