Vinyl Pressing Info

1st Press:
3 test presses
9 blue
25 light purple
127 grey
339 purple
100 tour covers (60 w/ stamp)

2nd Press:

100 clear
200 black (labels are backwards)

3rd Press:

200 black

Lead by Andy Diehard, Tehachapi, California’s Diehard Youth band was continuously found playing out amongst the early 2000’s hardcore crop – Kill Your Idols, American Nightmare, Carry On, Champion, and Bane to name a few. After being featured on various comps and before eventually landing a deal with Thorp, Think Fast released the Diehard Youth’ split 7″ with their fellow compadres in Flame Still Burns. The split offers up fast youth crew hardcore from each coast.

Release Date: 4/9/2013

1. Culture Club (Diehard Youth)
2. Run DMC Said It Best (Diehard Youth)
3. For The Core (Diehard Youth)
4. Fueled By Pride (Flame Still Burns)
5. Not Too Late (Flame Still Burns)
6. Stick By Your Tattoos (Flame Still Burns)
7. Wrong Reasons (Flame Still Burns)