Vinyl Pressing Info

3 test presses
Regular 7″:
100 clear
200 red
200 black
Live from Geneva 7″:
300 white
200 black

Featuring members of Against All Authority, Morning Again, and Where Fear And Weapons Meet, Until The End was a favorite in South Florida in the early 2000’s, boasting an enormous fanbase.  The band’s debut release came out on Equal Vision Records, followed by several releases with Eulogy Recordings, including the (long out of print) vinyl version of “Let The World Burn” released on Think Fast.

Release Date: 1/28/2003

1. Buried
2. Prove You Wrong
3. Let The World Burn
4. The Bond To Breathe
5. Driving This Car Headfirst Into A Wall (Live)
6. Death Disguised As Salvation (Live)
7. Nothing Between Us (Live)