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Esteem was a straight edge band formed in 1997, based out of Naples, Florida. At a time when hardcore was bursting at the seams with testosterone-filled bands with chugging breakdowns, Esteem went against the norm, having more in common with bands like Youth of Today and Gorilla Biscuits. The band would go on to released a split 7″ with Strength Approach (Italy), a split CD with 200 North via Eulogy Recordings, and ultimately be responsible for the humble beginnings of Think Fast. Vocalist, Larry Scott, would release TFR001 as an Esteem compilation, featuring various odds and ends from the band – the release helped raise funds for future TF releases. Esteem played their final show in 2001 with American Nightmare, Kill Your Idols, and Good Clean Fun.

Release Date: 9/1/2001

1. Step Up
2. Change The World
3. Your Lies
4. Taken For All I Had
5. Never Break Away
6. No Chance To Live
7. You Have Become
8. You’re A Fucking Robot
9. You And Me
10. Say Goodbye Before You Die