“Lewd Acts were one of the craziest and most intense bands from recent memory, with a style that effortlessly, chaotically, and offensively walked the fence of hardcore, punk, and metal. A typical Lewd Acts live show consisted of loose cannon frontman, Tyler Densely, beating himself to a bloody pulp with a demonic smile. Needless to say, we were excited to work with the band, and in 2008 we released a split with their bro’s in Hour Of The Wolf – an effort to introduce the band and give people a taste of what was soon to come once a proper full length was ready. Apparently that taste was also enjoyed by the folks at Deathwish, who signed the band for their next (and final) release. I remember Tre from Deathwish sent me a digital download of the record, which I angrily deleted. At least they didn’t break up right after the record we released came out! On a less bitter note, do yourself a favor and check out the bands split with Hour Of The Wolf. Recorded with Kurt Ballou (of Converge), with the finishing touch applied by The Blasting Room, this thing is a monster. The vinyl is long sold out, limited to 666 copies (\m/), but you can pick it up on iTunes and Bandcamp and there’s even a few CDs left floating around. The Hour Of The Wolf / Lewd Acts split remains one of my favorite releases we’ve ever put out.”
– Ryan / TF

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