Ignite’s catchy, chorus-driven songs are not the only thing the band stands for – Ignite are well known to support a series of environmentally and socially conscious groups including Doctors Without Borders, Habitat For Humanity, Sea Shepherds, Project Blue Sea, and Earth First.

On “Our Darkest Days”, Ignite push forward with positive momentum, showing off a matured version of the intelligent, socially and politically aware, melodic brand of hardcore that fans have come to expect. These aren’t songs reserved solely for reckless, rebellious youth or the band’s diehard fans – the songs that populate “Our Darkest Days” have progressed beyond their punk/hardcore foundation. Sure, songs like “Bleeding” and “Let It Burn” have so much energy you’d think singer Zoli Teglas, his longtime co-conspirator Brett Rasmussen, and their crew downed several cases of Red Bull before recording, but there is a depth and breadth of focused songwriting on this album. Ignite have paid particular attention to melodic detail and once again, the soaring vocals of Teglas take center stage.

Zoli Teglas has a set of chords on him that can be outdone by no other vocalists in hardcore past or present …From the minute it starts with the intro you can tell the band has returned with their unique brand of politically charged hardcore punk.
– Stereokiller

“Our Darkest Days” is now available on vinyl, exclusively from Think Fast Records.

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