The Mistake

By Bullet Treatment

Released Oct. 31, 2006


1. Illustrations
2. Coke Nose
3. A Reason For Violence
4. Spread My Legs
5. Grindstone
6. Pointless Conversation
7. Trapped Inside
8. A Hundred Faces
9. Hand In Hand
10. Friday Night
11. Father And Son
12. Touch Us
13. Something Like You
14. Already Dead
15. Not Afraid Of The World
16. The Mistake

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The Mistake reviews

Carrying the name of such highly respected punk acts such as Suicidal Tendencies and The Drips on their shoulders as well as the more recently famed hardcore phenomenon The Bronx, It's safe to say the stakes are already set pretty high for Bullet Treatment's Think Fast Records debut "The Mistake". Although this band follows a "create at convenience" mentality, the extra time taken to creat these tunes have truly made the outcome of this disc a charm to be adored by any punk rock fan out there. Although the band is mostly just a side-project, I think with any effort and the proper publicity, Bullet Treatment could bring punk music back to the state it was years ago before the pop punk craze hit the mainstream. When popping in this disc I honestly couldn't believe the sounds I was hearing was merely a side project for a couple of dudes in other bands. With the short length that is pretty typical of older punk and the raw sound that not only recreates the genre as it was before, but also redefines and stretches the guidlines of the music style as it is today, it's safe to say that this clever sounding band influenced by the likes of Black Flag, The Descendents (older), Sick of it All, and Minor Threat could be here to stay for a very long time. Some tracks that really shocked me on this disc were "Coke Nose," "Spread My Legs," "Grindstone," "A Hundred Faces," and "Father and Son". Although mostly very simplistic, the overall shock factor of this disc really hit hard for me, and proved that punk music could still be pretty simple and yet fun. The track "Grindstone" turned over a new page for me in the punk sound, with the inclusion of various vocal harmonies, not to mention the expression of making music for nobody but themselves. Not only does that prove that Bullet Treatment is not trying to just make a copycat sound of the past, but it also shows that they are willing to venture mostly uncharted territory to the genre and express their enjoyment in creating the music they are displaying on the disc. Although the glory days of the Dead Kennedies, the Sex Pistols, Black Flag, and Minor Threat are kind of far past, Bullet Treatment has made a generous and very respectable effort in bringing back that hype around punk that once existed as well as redefine the sound. Basic may be a word tossed around when it comes to the guitar work, but I think it helps show that something doesn't have to be overly technical to still shock crowds. The vocals are displayed very free-lance and outgoing in a perfect punk intonation that honestly would be a nice addition to more of The Bronx's work and as for the drumming, I would say that the speed of the beats used are perfectly in tuned and hardly ever out of line, which helps create a fast-paced background that makes you want to circle pit. Bullet Treatment's debut "The Mistake" did for me exactly what New Bruises most recent release did. It brought back feelings of the past and made me remember how strong the punk community used to be. But this time around Bullet Treatment takes away the past tense usage of greatness and brings it back in full force the way it was years ago. 8.5/10

Inspired by the sounds of earlier hardcore / punk rock bands like Bad Religion, Minor Threat, Descendents, Ramones, 7 Seconds, Bad Brains & Dead Kennedys. You get exactly what you expect... musically that is. That's pretty much all you need to know about BULLET TREATMENT - ultra fast hardcore/punk like they made it 20 something years ago, with Matt Caughthran from THE BRONX handling lead vocal duties. Half of the album's 16 songs are played at a clip just under grind speeds, while the remaining songs follow through with a more bombastic, swagger-dragging beat. "Grindstone," dabbles in both, starting off with bar rock sensibilities, and then igniting into a clusterfuck of ludicrous speed guitars and drumming. This Mistake is the audio equivalent of watching a power washer destroy grime and dirt particles from a piece of decking. Songs like "Touch Us," "Trapped Inside," and "Already Dead" are the epitome of punk and hardcore at its most caustic ceiling. Caughthran's vocal style consists mainly of agonized howling and the type of screaming usually associated with self-performed surgery, with brief interludes of mild-tempered singing, not unlike the fella that used to front FROM ASHES RISE. At only 22 minutes in length, This Mistake is ruthlessly efficient and shreds without interruption. Give your music collection a kick in the pants - This Mistake is a jaw-dislocating kind of release

AMP Magazine

What can be said about BULLET TREATMENT that hasn't already been said, and probably already said by me? They rule. This punk rock-version of MENUDO (rotating lineup – get it?) is back with Matt from THE BRONX kicking teeth in on lead vocals once again. Fucking tight, fucking fast, and FUCKING GOOD. Definitely one of the better CDs I've heard this year. If for some reason you have yet to check these dudes out, stop being stupid and get this right away. If you are at all let down, if you don't think this is some seriously balls-to-the-wall first-rate shit, you're fucked. It doesn't get much faster or much louder than this. Oh, and they thanked me in the CD – that right there guaranteed a good review. Just kidding. Kind of.

Once again, Matt Caughthran of The Bronx is providing vocal duties for the ever changing lineup on Bullet Treatment. I can't help but look for similarities with Matt's other band, but they are not that closely related. Sure its his voice, but with Bullet Treatment, he's even grittier with a more in your face delivery. But lets not focus simply on vocals. This is simply no nonsense straightforward punk rock. Nothing pretty, nothing whiney, nothing too slow, nothing too catchy, just intense pure punk on every track. This is the band's first full length release which now finds them on Think Fast! Records. The band proves to have great chops on this release. If anything, whether you like this or not, The Mistake gives the listener a reminder of real hardcore; back when the kids were doing it rather than the majors. Best tracks here include track 5, "Grindstone", but I'm really diggin' track 10, "Friday Night". If you're lucky, you might actually see them do a rare live West Coast show.

True to form Bullet Treatment's "The Mistake" is Punk played loud fast and hard. While this disc may be a bit more polished than some of their other work, it doesn't distract from their sound at all. "The Mistake" has the same driving drums and blistering guitar work. In fact smoothing out some of the rough edges has probably made this their sharpest disc to date. Trax like "A Reason For Violence" and "Friday Night" are just flat out awesome fucking songs and this may be the best Bullet Treatment album to date.

What started out as a band that would record some covers for a couple of comps, turned into something a bit different. To date Bullet Treatment has released split albums, 7"s, EPs and now with "The Mistake", a full-length. With its revolving door policy it's not easy to keep track of who's in the band but at the time of recording Bullet Treatment was founding member DC, Matt from The Bronx and the Hidalgo brothers who have previously played in Suicidal Tendencies. Other than that not a whole lot has changed since I heard the "What More Do You Want?" EP... Bullet Treatment plays fast, brutal and in your face pissed off hardcore punk that takes cues from seminal acts such as Black Flag, 7 Seconds and Minor Threat. But it's a lot more than paying a tribute to the old days. Song like "Grindstone" or 'Friday Night" will set you immediately straight if that's what you think! 8.5/10

When four guys who have experience in such bands as Suicidal Tendencies and The Bronx come together to play traditional hardcore with a modern aesthetic, something good is likely to result. The Mistake proves that it does. While this act is a self-proclaimed side project and doesn't get its members undivided attention, their latest work has me wishing the band could do some nation-wide treks and play the world's dingiest clubs. Sixteen songs of straightforward, high-speed chord progressions, blazing drumming, throat-shredding screams and a healthy dose of accessible tempos in about 23 minutes -- what's not to like?

Mean Street Magazine

The Dischord and SST Records hardcore ethos collide via savage synchronicity on East L.A.-based Bullet Treatment's latest effort. A fabulously furious assault of both East and West Coast punchy punk adolescence, Bullet Treatment isn't just a mere throwback to the halcyon days of circle pits at CBGB. Sporting an experienced roster — including Bronx vocalist Matt Caughthran — and an album that tears through its track listing at a largely blistering pace ("Hand in Hand"), Bullet Treatment proves there's simply no mistake to be found. A-

California has alot to be proud of. Miles of beautiful scenery, months of warm weather and now, thanks to their album hitting the streets, Bullet Treatment. Here's the story (in a nutshell): Punk rock music has become stale. What was once was, now isn't. Everything is "punk". Nothing really shocks or breaks ground like it used to.  So, I get this record in the mail called, "The Mistake". I have listened to these guys before but I don't recognize the vocals. You see this band's line-up isn't set in stone. Whomever has the time comes in helps out and then goes back to working on other projects. Cool! Anyways, I start to listen to this record and I am absolutely blown away. Every song is short, fast and pure. No filler and no garbage. Now this is what I call "punk rock"! Prepare yourself. In closing: You really got to hear this album!

Status Magazine

Bullet Treatment is a band I've been wanting to check for a while now simply based on the fact that the band features members of The Bronx and Suicidal Tendencies. I'm certainly glad I did because this CD rips. 16 songs of fast and short punk rock. Each song is short and to the point with extra crap being thrown in. While this record is pissed, it's also very catchy which is a pretty tough thing to do. Check out the song "Grindstone", it cooks. This record is highly recommended.

San Diego Music

BULLET TREATMENT is a band with a lot of "punk" background. Members have been or are in bands such as THE BRONX, SEXYTIME EXPLOSION, SUICIDAL TENDENCIES, & MOTHER NATURES REVENGE. They have a revolving door when it comes to the lineup and this time around they got 2 of the founding members back. I'm normally not too into hardcore or punk (that is such a wide range of music by today's standards so i wouldn't really call it punk) albums. This one however i'm into. I don't know why, but it sits a little easier with me than other stuff that my fellow co-workers play in the store. There is a little more song structure and with Matt from THE BRONX singing that may be it. I put the album on while on my way home from work and noticed i got home a bit quicker. The album is only 25 minutes long with 16 tracks. Stand out track for me is "Grindstone" cause i like the lyrics "I don't make music for you". You can preview the album on one of the listening stations in the store for the month of November.

Slug Magazine

Bullet Treatment = Inside Out + Kill Your Idols. The problem with most new hardcore records, be they metal or punk tinged, how reigned in they are by the production quality. Bullet Treatment's newest release, their first true full length, can be summed up in one word: unbridled. The damage of shredding screams can be heard in Matt Caughthran's (The Bronx) vocals. None of the washed over reigned in vocals that are present on so many releases are on this album. It's most apparent in the fleeting moments of sung vocals. The damage is there, the vocals are dirty, messy, and slightly out of tune, and it's what makes this throwback shine. They are exactly the kick in the pants that's needed. There isn't too much punk rock chords can do, sort of like food at the Olive Garden; 2 sauces and 4 pastas doesn't allow for much originality, but if waiters started catapulting meals at unsuspecting customers it would be a different story. So, even though the music isn't terribly original the vocal shredding keeps it together. The Mistake feels like a live show that's crammed into a stereo and doesn't disappoint in its homage to the early 1980's of hardcore punk rock.

No Front Teeth

This is BULLET TREATMENT’S official debut full-length ("What More Do You Want?" is considered a mini-album due to it’s shortness). ‘The Mistake’ delivers 16 cuts in 20 minutes- so they’re not slowing things down too much!!! Which is good news!! Their sound is straightforward, old school hardcore punk. No bullshit, no useless embellishment- just throat ripping, fast and stylish. Never metallic which wins massive points from me! The closest comparison I can make is a blend of early BLACK FLAG, MINOR THREAT, ANGRY SAMOANS, BAD BRAINS and ADOLESCENTS. This incarnation of BULLET TREATMENT (for those of you who don’t know, the band members are ever-changing) marks the return of founder DC (Chuck from Basement Records) on guitar as well as the return of Matt Caughthran (The BRONX) on vocals with Vince and Dave from SUICIDAL TENDENICES, MOTHER NATURE’S REVENGE, THE DRIPS etc. This is a wild, wild record that represents everything great about the early hardcore sound- nobody else comes close to this and it always sounds so natural with BULLET TREATEMNT and maybe that’s all down to their trademark member-rotation that keeps things so fresh. This band is unstoppable and this full-length is fucking sick. Out of control and just what we need as we approach 2008 as I’m certain a whole strew of meaningless so-called punk rock shit will be released next year so I’ll just get absorbed in this thank you very much and lose myself;f yet again in the wonder that is BULLET TREATMENT. The vinyl version of ‘the Mistake’ is on Basement Records and the CD version is on Think Fast Records. Get them both – I have.


LA PUNK SUPERGROUP HIT THE BULLSEYE WITH FULL LENGTH. Using a revolving line-up for the seven years since their inception, Bullet Treatment - counting members of Suicidal Tendencies and The Drips among their 20 plus contributors - only record during the rare windows of time when their day jobs permit. For their latest outing, The Bronx's frontman Matt Caughthran has been called forward to carry out vocal duties and his bile-spitting howls provide the vicious edge to a sound that leans further towards Black Flag's breakneck hardcore then the Bronx's rock n' roll swagger. Highlights like Pointless Conversation and Grindstone are masterful slabs of no frills punk at its most exhilarating. KKKK

Take the reckless intensity of Black Flag, the breakneck speed of Minor Threat and the brilliant musical structures of early Adolescents. Now throw it all in a pot, set that shit on fire and let it explode in a blaze of glory. Your end result would be The Mistake by a little-known band called Bullet Treatment. If you aren't already familiar, Bullet Treatment is the brainchild of mainstay guitarist Chuck “D.C.” Dietrich. The rest of the band consists of over 20 rotating members from acts including Rise Against, Suicidal Tendencies and the Bronx. Clocking in at 23 minutes, Bullet Treatment packs quite a punch with its second studio album. The sound embodies everything you want and more in a hardcore punk album. Momentum bursts into fury as opening track “Illustrations” sets the stage for what’s to follow. Rollicking drumbeats and thrashing guitars fill your ears with thoughts that can only be described as violent. The songs don’t only sound unique--they are also infectious. “Pointless Conversation” and standout track “Grindstone” make use of catchy choruses that exceed expectations and make an impression on the listener, all the while maintaining a beat worthy of punching floors, walls, small children, etc... I also can’t forget to mention the talents of Bronx singer Matt Caughthran who provided his voice for The Mistake. Caughthran is what makes this album stand out from other punk records. His throat rips through each song with a level of frustration that rivals Damaged-era Henry Rollins. “I WANT, TO FEEL, EVERY-THIINGG!” he painfully screams on “Coke Nose," giving just a taste of his manic vocal style. Speaking of the Flag, the last track “The Mistake” is kind of reminiscent of “Damaged I,” full of random shouts and screams being played to distorted music, which is a nice throwback to the '80s classic. The sound quality, while not the best, is certainly the most well-produced effort Bullet Treatment has released prior to the Designated Vol. 1 7". It displays that raw energy feel that comes standard with any great hardcore album. All in all, I would say that this album is a MUST-LISTEN. I was actually surprised that there was no review for this album on the Org considering how genuinely crafted and...and... Fuck, this album is just fantastic. Not only is this one of my favorite albums, I’d say that this is one of the definitive hardcore records of the 2000s. It’s sad to see that this album did not receive enough attention because Bullet Treatment has great potential, and The Mistake really proves their craftsmanship as musicians.

Recording information

Release Date

Oct. 31, 2006

Catalog #


Recorded at

Tru-One Studios (Tracks 1-12)
Santa Fe Springs, CA

TK Productions (Tracks 13-16)
Fullerton, CA

Produced by

Tony Vizcarra

Mastered at

Azimuth Mastering
Trenton, NJ

Artwork by

Chuck and Leighanne

Release notes

Vinyl version licensed to Basement Records
Australian CD version licensed to Wagon Records