Have Heart was formed in July of 2002 as a Massachusetts side project, while every member was busy with other bands; Justin and Eric were in Through Words, Briggs was in Time To Pay and Pat was in The Action Taken. Around November of 2002, Pat was kicked out of The Action Taken along with his friend Ryan Hudon for not having the same goals and ideals as the rest of the band. Ryan was tapped to join Have Heart, and with the demise of almost all of the members "priority bands", Have Heart soon became priority. They never looked back. In July of 2003, they played their first show followed by the release of their demo in November. The demo circulated and took the scene by storm, before eventually finalizing a deal with Think Fast! Records. This resulted in the highly anticipated "What Counts" EP, which will go on to be remembered as a classic release for both Think Fast! Records, and the hardcore scene as a whole. Since the release of "What Counts", Have Heart proved to be at the top of their game, going on multiple international tours, and releasing multiple albums for Bridge 9 Records, one of which even charted at Billboard, a very unheard of thing for a traditional hardcore band. In 2009, Have Heart, the biggest band in hardcore, played their final show in Boston.


What Counts
What Counts


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Have Heart

What Counts

Live in Anaheim, CA (2007)
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Have Heart

Something More Than Ink

Live in Worcester, MA (2007)
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Have Heart


Live in Dallas, TX (2005)
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Vocals: Patrick
Guitar: Ryan
Guitar: Kei
Bass: Briggs
Drums: Shawn

Affiliated bands

Action Taken, Death Before Dishonor, Time To Pay, Wolf Whistle

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